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Values and mission


Our core values are  passion for people, the freedom to choose projects in which we belive and the audacity to rebel and question everything each and every day. 


Each of us believe in what we do and are motivated by pur shared dream: help and accompany people and organizations to grow and succeed

Our history

1998 | European People Consulting is born with offices in Barcelona and London, helping corporations with their benefits and compensation strategies.


2001 | ePeople-C spins off of European People Consulting with offices in Barcelona providing overall HR strategy in addition to helping with benefits and compensation.


2003 | Inauguration of our Madrid office and our official entry into executive development and coaching.


2007 | Focus on helping executives lead and manage the uncertainty innate in any organization undergoing change.


2010 | Incorporate Harvard Business as the cornerstone of the “executive education” portion of our methodology.


2013 | Open a new office in Panama for the latinamerican market

2016 | Incorporates Pinapply and Lego© Serious Play© as new products and tools for Leadership Development


2017 | Develops a maturity model to audit diversity and inclusion.

Our story
Values and mission


Roser Soler - The change architect

Roser is an expert in leading people and organizations with more than 20 years experience, having worked both as a manager in HR at leading multinationals as well as consulting and counseling general and first level functional managers. She has helped organizations with their processes in change management, innovation and leadership in companies of various sizes across diverse industries both nationally and internationally.

Roser has worked in Europe and the United States and is a native speaker of Spanish and Catalan, and is completely fluent in English and is conversant in French.

Roser studied Arts in the University of Barcelona,  holds a BA in labor relations from the University of Barcelona and holds a postgraduate degree in Statistics from the UAB.

Mario Alvarez - Balancing achademics with reality

Mario has over 20 years of experience helping companies and executives grow. Mario has worked with leading global corporations in both R&D and marketing leading teams across three continents. Most recently, he was the representative for Harvard Business in Spain, France, Benelux and Scandinavia, working with organizations to improve the overall capabilities of their executives. Prior, he was the Director of the Career Management Office in Europe for Executive MBA program at the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business

Mario has an MBA from Stanford University and BA’s in Computer Science and Social Science from the University of California, San Diego. Mario is native in both English and Spanish and is conversant in French.

Ferran Agundez - The diversity Sensei

With a professional start at PricewaterhouseCoopers and responsibilities in the financial area, he has held various positions in multinational industrial companies managing commercial and operations teams, oriented to projects and developing sales chanels.
Combining his experience and passion, he has developed a training for management improvement applying the principles of Judo: efficient use of energy and progress through cooperation.
In recent years he has participated as a consultant in various projects, identifying and developing innovation processes. He also participates as a teacher in universities in Spain and South America.

Ferran Teixes - The Lego builder

He has been performing high-profile duties in different types of organizations since more than 10 years ago.

He has worked as account auditor and consultant in multinational companies.

He currently performs the management functions of an educational group. He teaches at the university in the area of economics and business. He is also a business consultant and business model expert. She is a certified facilitator in Lego Serious Play.

He speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian and survives in German and French.
He holds a degree in Economics and Business from UB and in Philology from the UOC. He is finishing a Master in Information Society and Knowledge by the UOC.

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